New Gear, Who Dis

You don’t really need fancy gear to run; that’s what’s so great about it. I’ve been using Wal-Mart AVIA sports bras and the same batch of Nike shorts that I collected back in college, when sorority girls wore them everywhere except to the gym. That was OVER TEN YEARS AGO, so shout-out to Nike forContinue reading “New Gear, Who Dis”

Running Through It

I haven’t written in awhile because I wasn’t sure what to say, or if my voice even has a place in our current state of information overload. I hope this won’t seem like a callously upbeat article where I encourage you to embrace this time in the face of those who are struggling- healthcare workers,Continue reading “Running Through It”

To All the Trails I’ve Run Before

Do you ever miss a place before you’ve even left it? My husband says that I get weirdly attached to things. I’ve been to random places, especially on road trips (gas stations, etc.) and felt melancholy, because I’ll probably never stop there or see those people again. Where are they going? I also feel itContinue reading “To All the Trails I’ve Run Before”

Take a Racecation

Whether it’s close by or a road trip away, with old friends or new, you won’t regret traveling to a new place for a race. In October of 2018, a friend and fellow Coast Guard spouse came down from South Carolina to visit me in northeast Florida. Jo Ann and I were stationed in AlaskaContinue reading “Take a Racecation”

New Years Resolution: Save Lives!

Happy New Year! In December 2019, Be The Match Foundation celebrated the facilitation of 100,000 blood stem cell transplants for individuals with blood cancers like leukemia. One of those was from my own donation 7 years ago the same month. I’d like to tell you about my experience, how you can help, and even howContinue reading “New Years Resolution: Save Lives!”

When Your Trail is Frozen

[Thanks to Holabird Sports for asking me to be a part of their “Fitness Fire Storytellers” series with a post about cold-weather running. You can see a version of this article on their website here. Merry Christmas, everyone!] My daughter is obsessed with a certain blonde ice queen right now. I relate to her emotionalContinue reading “When Your Trail is Frozen”

Postpartum Recovery and Running

Happy Thanksgiving! This year has flown by, and I’m so thankful for our new little one. (I’m also thankful that it’s time for comfy leggings, big sweaters, and the best scented candles- it may sound silly, but fall candles did wonders for my spirit in those early postpartum weeks.) I encourage you not to dismissContinue reading “Postpartum Recovery and Running”

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